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Old Abandoned Warehouse Scene 3D Model

Old Abandoned Warehouse Scene 3d model

Description: Old Abandoned Warehouse Scene 3d model in .Blend files format

File Description:

Free 3D Old Abandoned Warehouse Scene Model for download, available in: Blender (.blend) formats. File size: 108.0 MB, ID348596. This 3d assets contains textures, material with polygon shapes related to 3d Wc model, and 3d Abandoned models, Architecture models, Baked design. Get these Architecture models with great stuffs ready for modeling or rendering, so good to import to your 3d interior or architecture visualization, cg, film, game, animation or Vr, Ar projects.

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Model Information:

Submitted by: User-Generated Content

Original Author: Aurélien Martel

License: CC4.0 for Non-Commercial

Added date: 04/06/2020

Files Format:

File Size: 108.0 MB, 3,125 hits

File Popular: 10,488 views

Converted Files (Keep UVW Mapping):

- Blender file: 77634.blend




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